Having been blessed (cursed?) with an insatiable curiosity, I love to read.  One project I started about a year into my retirement was to catalog the books I have obtained and kept over the 50 years since I completed my baccalaureate degree.   I have processed 2250 books, 400 of them electronic (Kindle or pdf), the rest paperback or trade cloth (hardcover).  I estimate I have given away half that number during several household moves over the years. And although I have read or at least scanned most of them, I have identified some I want to pursue further, and my wish list, which seems to grow faster than I can keep up with, has another 67 books.  One of the regrets I have is that for most books I didn’t take the time to capture and reflect in detail on the message(s), but rather rushed to finish it so that I could check in off and move on to the next one on the heap–so much to learn, so little time; or is it just a bad case of FOMO?  So my thought is that now I can both capture and share some of the more interesting reads going forward–quality over quantity.

And my heap doesn’t just include books.  Safari (Reading List), Pocket, Instapaper, and Evernote all make it trivially easy to capture articles for future reference.  Some I have done for just that purpose using each tool, but many are included because I didn’t have the time to finish them when I found them, so I added them to a list.  This dysfunctional behavior will be treated in an Essay, and some of the more compelling articles will be assessed in Reviews.  I plan to add a critique of an occasional video or advertisement as well.