“Once upon a time…” many moons ago, I looked forward to the nightly ritual of one of my parents or older siblings reading to me at bedtime, and later doing the same with my son.  I still have one fairy tale book that invariably caused me and my son to occasionally fall off the bed laughing, which was not exactly conducive to preparing for sleep but did create indelible fond memories.  Psychologists tell us that stories are really the mechanism by which we organize our memories, the way we experience our lives.  In business, we shared war stories, although many of us had never really been to war.  In business school,  we taught students to use PowerPoint to show pictures which tell a story.  The often dreaded anticipation of a presentation was because the tool facilitates a hierarchical structuring of ideas, which might be the way we ultimately reconstruct them, but the way we remember and enjoy them is as stories.  So I plan to organize some posts as stories, recounting some of my experiences, sharing and sometimes challenging what I think I learned.  These may trigger some memories for you as well; I hope you will share your stories and what you learned in the comment section.

One thought on “Stories

  1. My recollection of bedtime story reading was that there was none ( are we in the same family?☺️), but I do remember reading, well before kindergarten, and hence being bored to death with early elementary reading programs.

    As for stories, my spatial (or perhaps spacey) slant is that GIS technology has recently focused on ‘story maps’. What a concept, I thought, dubiously. Then I read a book “The Geography of Genius”, and I found myself visiting each of the story sites (eg Athens, Florence, Calcutta, Silicon Valley) on Google Earth, as I read the chapter, to get a sense of place for the story. Can’t tell you how much it enhanced my awhereness of the story and its implications…….


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