Still Learning

I haven’t posted in two weeks.  I have been caught up in trying to organize my thoughts about this blog, to put some coherence into it, among other things.  And it is the other things that have been the sticking point.  Being classified as “retired” I have this sense that I should be able to do what I want when I want, that my time is mine.  And it is, but my interests have been pulling me in many directions, fulfilling commitments I made some time ago as well as exploring interests that have lain dormant.  I expected to be able to “catch up” on all the “round tuits” I have collected over the years but I’m finding I’m still strapped for time.  Then I stumbled across a post by Steve Tobak on titled: The 7 Rules of Personal Productivity.  Steve confesses to flunking the productivity test, as I have earlier (see my About page), but insists the problem is not him but the expectations of our culture that says we can get everything done if we just get better organized.  He calls that bullshit, and continues “You don’t have too much to do. Productivity and time management aren’t your problem. You just have to be disciplined about setting priorities, focusing on what’s important, and letting go of what isn’t.”  Yeah, that’s really what I’m struggling with.  When I collected a W2, or was in school before that, there was always someone telling me what to do and by when.   My only challenge was organizing to meet the deadlines.  But now that is gone.  I have to set those priorities myself.  Or, more precisely I have to decide better which things don’t make the list so that I can get the satisfaction of addressing the things that are important to me.  That’s a whole new lesson which I suspect may still take me a while to really learn.  Thanks, Steve, I needed that.

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