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Writing 101

I write because…

This is my response to the first assignment of Writing 101 on   I think my response most closely follows Flannery O’Connor’s: “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.”  At least I am better able to clarify what I am thinking by putting it down on paper, examining it, editing and/or rewriting it.

I am also taking Blogging 101, and I posted a longer related answer, Hello World!, in response to the first assignment there as well.  I wrote that post a few days ago but hadn’t yet pulled the trigger to publish.  Although I have been writing for years, I have shared very little of it.  Sharing what I write for feedback and possible dialog is part of the motivation for wanting to blog; it also scares the wits out of me.

One last thought: I write because I have been reading for such a long time, capturing and correlating new ideas, that if I don’t get some of them out and on paper where I can examine and rethink them, my head might explode?

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